For a pleasant and safe ride, we suggest you follow these rules:


Pre-ride safety check

Before the trip, we advise you to make sure your vehicle is in working condition. 

  • Squeeze the hand brakes to ensure they are working.

  • Check tires to verify they are undamaged.

  • Check if the headlight is working.

  • Visually inspect the vehicle for any damages.

  • For optimal safety we advise you wear a helmet.


Use your Brakes 

  • Gently squeeze the brake lever to slow down.

  • Brake gradually and in advance.

  • The brake lever is located on the left side of the steering bar. 



Push off a couple times, then slowly press the throttle.


Traffic laws

  • One rider per scooter only.

  • Watch out for and respect pedestrians.

  • Pay attention to street signs and traffic lights.

  • Check your local laws.


Always be alert

  • Hold the steering bar with both hands.

  • Listen to what’s around you.

  • Don’t ride if you’re under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Ride carefully around big vehicles.

  • Be extra careful when riding in the rain - road markings and drain covers can be extremely slippery.

  • Take extra care when crossing the road.

  • Watch out for stones and potholes.


Park scooter in dock

After your ride please park your scooter into available docking station.