How can I install the Dash App?

You can download the Dash app in the Apple App Store by clicking here or at Google Play by clicking here. Alternatively you can search for “dash scooters” in either store.

How do I find a Dash scooter? 

Open the Dash app. The map will show you available nearby stations.

How do I unlock a Dash scooter?

To unlock your scooter, open the Dash app and press the “d” button located at the bottom of the screen. Follow the instructions to create an account and scan the QR code on your chosen scooter. If the QR code is unreadable, you can always enter the 6-digit code.

On the rental confirmation page, after click ing ’’Confirm’’ the scooter will turn on and the dock will open. 

How do I start riding a Dash? 

To start, step on the scooter with one foot and push off with the other to start moving. Put your other foot on the footrest and hold a stable position, then push down the right-hand throttle to accelerate. Find an available docking station using the app and dock the scooter to end your ride.

Can I rent multiple scooters at the same time?

Yes, you can rent up to 4 scooters with just one account. Once you’ve unlocked one vehicle, click ''Add vehicle’’ to unlock another.

Where can I ride Dash?

Please follow local traffic regulations.

Where can I park a Dash after my ride?

The scooter should be parked in Dash docking stations, which you can locate using the Dash app. Toggle the switch on the right of the screen to flip between dock view and scooter view.

If all docking stations are occupied, you can park your scooter outside the station. 

To do so, click the ride info square in the bottom left corner which indicates your ride statistics (time, battery level, scooter ID). Once clicked, the ‘'End ride when station is full’' button will appear on the main screen. Click this button to end your ride and park the scooter right next to the station. 

Please make sure that the scooter is parked safely and does not obstruct any public pathways.

How do I end the ride? 

The ride ends automatically when you dock your scooter in a docking station. You can find the available docking stations for parking in the Dash app on the map. After completing your ride, the app will provide you with the ride summary.

If you’re having trouble parking your scooter, please contact support by clicking the message icon in the upper righthand corner.

How do I pay for my ride?

Dash charges a small fee per minute of ride time. Upon finishing a ride your card will be charged based on the price displayed before starting your ride. We currently only accept Visa and Mastercard.

What is Dash doing to protect my data and privacy?

Dash takes your privacy very seriously. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for details.

What is a pre-ride safety check?

Before the trip, we advise you to make sure the Dash vehicle is in working condition:

● Squeeze the hand brakes to ensure they are working

● Check tires to verify they are undamaged

● Check if the head light is working

● Visually inspect the vehicle for any damages

What if my vehicle isn't working?

Please check the "How to Ride" section of the Dash app for instructions on getting started. If you are still having trouble or the vehicle has noticeable damage, please contact support by clicking the message icon in the upper righthand corner.

How old do I need to be to ride?

Riders need to be at least 18 years old. Riders aged above 16 may ride with written consent from a parent or guardian.

Do I need a driver license to ride a Dash?

No, a driver's license is not required to ride a Dash scooter.

What is the maximum scooter speed?

The scooter can speed up to 25 km/h on flat surface. Remember, riding full throttle, down hill may decrease the stability of the scooter and cause serious injury.

How many people can ride the same scooter?

Each scooter is built to be ridden by one person at a time (max 100kg). Riding with a passenger may break the scooter and result in serious injury.

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